Metal seated ball valve laser cladding technique refers to the different ways the filler valve on the coated surface of the sphere to put the selection of the coating material, by laser irradiation so that a thin layer of the sphere surface and ball simultaneously melted and rapidly solidified form dilution and the ball low ball into the surface coating material metallurgical bonding, thereby significantly improving the wear surface of the sphere, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation processes, such as: 60 # carbon steel tungsten laser After cladding, hardness up to 2200HV above, the wear resistance is about 20 times the base 60 # steel. After CoCrSiB Q235 steel surface by laser cladding alloy, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of flame spray were compared and found that the corrosion resistance of the former was significantly higher than the latter.

metal seated ball valves for high temperature using laser cladding alloy technology sphere surface spray valve has a good effect, using this technology, the sphere of small heat-affected zone, the hardness of spray layer higher than nickel-based thermal spraying, but spray less efficient, and the ball sphere surface spray finish lower after processing a larger amount.

So, whether it is the use of laser cladding, nickel-based alloy thermal spray technology HVOF technology, ball and seat surface wear layer hardening technique should be based on the use of working conditions, medium hardness, the manufacturer of process conditions a reasonable choice and application.

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